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Tulip Chair - Pre-used Knoll originals

Scott Howard is pleased to offer a selection of pre-used vintage Knoll Tulip chairs.

The chairs shown on this page are guaranteed to be original vintage Knoll products, which have been pre-used by others and are available from our UK held stocks in a variety of models and colours.

For more information, please telephone 020 7724 1130 to discuss which models are currently in stock and to discuss the options available.
Pre-used vintage Knoll original Tulip dining chair without arms, first designed by Eerio Saarinen in 1955

Pre-used vintage Knoll original Tulip dining chair without arms, first designed by Eerio Saarinen in 1955, seat shell finished in white with red fabric pad, base in white aluminium.

80cm high
68cm wide
50cm deep
49cm seat height

Available from UK stocks.

Our price for this chair £POA

Pre-used vintage Knoll original Tulip dining chair designed by Eerio Saarinen
Pre-used original vintage Knoll Tulip dining chair base

Historical use of the term Tulip to describe tables and chairs and other items of furniture within the furniture industry.

All our pre-used vintage original Knoll products are supplied with a Scott Howard Lifetime Guarantee.

These used chairs are bought in "As Seen" condition and only available while stocks last.

For the avoidance of doubt and to ensure that we are completely open and honest with our customers, we would like to make the following points:
  1. Scott Howard has never been an authorised distributor of Knoll products.
  2. As we currently hold stocks of genuine vintage Knoll chairs at our UK warehouse, we are happy to offer these pre-used products for sale.
  3. The trade marks Florence Knoll, Mies van der Rohe, Bertoia, Tulip, Eerio Saarinen and Wassily are all registered trade marks belonging to Knoll International Inc.
Having made these points, Scott Howard is more than happy to recommend pre-used Knoll products to all of our customers, as we hold the company in the highest regard and are happy to sell any vintage pre-used examples of their products we can source.

Eero Saarinen (1910-1961)

Eero Saarinen

Eero Saarinen was born in Kirkkonummi, Finland in 1910. He studied in Paris and at Yale University, after which he joined his father's practice. Eero initially pursued sculpture as his art of choice - and his later architectural and furniture designs reflect this beautifully. The design of the pedestal group of tables and chairs later became colloquially known as tulip tables and chairs. They are undeniably elegant, yet are still generic of many tables in production both at the time and today. After a year in art school, he decided to become an architect instead. Saarinen evolved a remarkable pallet of materials and forms, innovative use of materials and uniquely sculptural shapes - but always with a pragmatic focus upon function.

His style has been described as International and Expressionist - and indeed it is both: utilizing a vocabulary of forms that was undoubtedly influenced by the work of designers in many countries and cultures, he produced work that pushes the boundaries of our expectations and preconceptions.


*** Special prices available upon request ***
** Please call us for a quote on 020 7724 1130 **

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